Morally Ambiguous Heroes of Fuck Knows


The world was recently plunged into chaos. Rebellion, rise of chaotic gods, uncertainty. The calamity supposedly ended when a majority of the red legion army rebels died during the Raid on Vaelan two years ago. The world is still recovering, and in some cases, fighting. 

The Calamity is believed to have begun six years ago by Earthheart, a fortress town near the great rift, where the general Finial had betrayed Vaelan by opening the gates to an attack by a large force of orcs. At this same time, a group of scoundrels are believed to have murdered the governor that was in that town. They have not been seen since however. 

There are no small amount of cults that have arisen during the calamity, all praising their own dark gods and it is unclear which, if any, are actually real gods. Some cults believe the only way to get their gods to speak with them is through sacrifice. There are cults that sacrifice almost exclusively humans just as there are ones that sacrifice elves and dwarves. 

Still, even after the calamity the world is filled with hope, adventurers filled with wanderlust still journey, undaunted by danger. 


Candelaio Candelaio

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