Lorelei Eaubani

6'3" Half Elf Female


Lorelei is a 6’3" 150lbs Half Elf with chestnut brown hair and amber eyes.
Chestnut, flowing hair gently hangs over a fresh, charming face.
Amber eyes, set elegantly within their sockets, gaze around filled with wanderlust.
Lorelei stands gracefully among others despite her athletic frame.


Lorelei lived most her life with her family in the town of Cennuroth, somewhere between Vaelan and the Raudor desert. She led a happy life there with her father and her sister, Rush. Her father was the best smith in town and when he passed, her sister Rush took over the profession. Lorelei, not being one for smithing, still wanted to help her sister so she has started to make her way to Moonshae Isles to hopefully find some exotic materials to bring back. The only ship she could manage to get transport on is the Argyll.

Lorelei Eaubani

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