Luke Alanis

6' Human Male


Luke Alanis is a 6’ tall, 160lbs human male.

Short, dark brown, well groomed hair awkwardly hangs over a lean, friendly face that is almost obscured by an almost black, dark purple set of robes with complimenting dark red accents. Emerald green eyes set delicately within their sockets, eagerly examine a world of wonder, seemingly unknown to all but him.
There’s something unusual about him, perhaps its his posture or the air of secrecy about him.


Luke was born to a family of Jewelers, he had 4 siblings and a mother and father. When he was 5 years old, he found out he was able to use magic! A wonderful thing in normal circumstances but his parents, running low on coin had contacted a friend in the great mage’s guild of Raudor who agreed to take the young lad and train him in exchange for a monthly stipend. So at a young age, Luke was taken by his new mentor, a female elf by the name of Saida. He has led an adventurous life and is now boarding the Argyll on his way to Moonshae Isles.

Luke Alanis

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